Welcome to the Australasian Blockchain Music Association

The association brings members from across the region to advance the understanding of Blockchain Technology in the music and creative industries. We work with and across all stakeholders in the industry to foster discussion and promote thought on how the music industry can harness the potential of Blockchain Technology to develop benefits across the sector. We engage business stakeholders, the creative sector, governments, regulatory bodies and decision makers to develop approaches and alignment. We seek to envision the future of music in the region which creates new opportunities

Our Mission


Foster Debate

Encourage debate and discussion on the use of Blockchain Technology in the region

Cross Industry Representation

Ensure music industry views are equally represented

Development of Standards

Encourage the use of Blockchain Music standards that can be applied across the industry

Industry Facilitator

Act as a conduit and facilitator across the industry

Latest News

The Australian Blockchain Roadmap – A First Step

In February 2020, the Australian government launched its National Blockchain roadmap which sets out an approach to maximise the benefits of Blockchain, and how Australia can establish itself as a leading proponent of the technology.  Gartner predicts that blockchain...

The blockchain will disrupt the music business and beyond

Blockchain will create a new wave of major disruption in media-content distribution. The immutability and "trustless" nature of the blockchain means that it can be used in instances where record-keeping and auditable data is key, including data about who owns what...