The Australasian Blockchain Music Association (ABMA) seeks to provide a forum for musicians, industry members involved in the music and creative industries, government bodies, music associations and other relevant parties from across the region to discuss, debate and further the adoption of Blockchain Technology within the industry for the benefit of all.

Founded in December 2017, the ABMA will encourage the right approach to this transformative technology across the various industry stakeholders to ensure all relevant parties have a stake in shaping the industry.

We welcome likeminded individuals, and organisations to join us to shape the direction of Blockchain Technology within the music and creative industries in the Australasian region to explore and implement this exciting and transformative new way of doing business.


  • Develop a fair and decentralise ecosystem of tools and services to help the creators in the music and entertainment industries grow their businesses by receiving fair, untampered and immediate information and funds for their services and products.
  • Provide resources and build a strong community of creators, developers, stakeholders and investors to support the acceleration of the Blockchain ecosystems in relation to the music and entertainment industries across the region.
  • Create a strong body to represent and defend the needs of the industry through the use of decentralised technologies.




Director: Rico Soto

Board: TBA  October 2018


The ABMA is a an International representative for the further, fair and decentralised development of Blockchain Technology in the Australasian region including:  Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guiney, French Polynesia, Christmas Island,  Kiribati, Tanga, Niue, Tuvalu, Cocos Keeling Island, Nauru, Pitcairn Island, Vanuatu, Cook Island, New Caledonia, Solomon Island, Wallis Futuna, Fiji, Tokelau, Western Samoa.

2018-2019 AGENDA

  • Develop a model constitution for the ABMA.
  • Establish an all-rounder Board of Directors for the Association to help represent and advise in the various areas of interest where the technology requires representation.
  • Establish 24 month plan and agenda.
  • Develop a funding strategy.
  • Establish relationships with all interested parties in the space including: Industry members, startups, corporations, developers and enthusiasts, technology evangelist, users and creative content creators.
  • Lobby with national and international Industry to initiate dialogue about the upcoming changes in technology and potential benefits and obstacles.
  • Develop relationships with potential investors supporting the technology.
  • Represent the Blockchain initiative in music conferences, festivals and events with relevant Blockchain-Music related content, resources and panellists.
  • Ongoing supervision of legislative updates regarding the use and regulation of Blockchain technologies.
  • Representative of the Australasian communities in the Blockchain space.
  • Liaise with industry media to spread updated information about the technology and it’s current applications.
  • Meet with relevant bodies to discuss interest and potential implementation of decentralised technologies in their systems.
  • Meet with region PROs and Royalty collecting agencies (APRA/AMCOS, PPCA) to establish
  • Review ABMA Membership program and provide multi-level options of involvement relevant to member’s needs.
  • Develop educational content about Blockchain Technology and relevant implementation in the Music & Entertainment Industries.
  • Organise and/or participate in information events to spread the word about the advantages and uses of the technology in the industry.