The Australasian Blockchain Music Association is  pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Rico Soto as its Director.

After its official foundation in late 2017, the Association expressed that their main focus during the first year is to commence building a strong bridge between the blockchain and music communities. With this being one of  the key areas of activity for the group, the appointment of music business entrepreneur and founder of the creative development company Fire Entertainment – Rico Soto –  comes as no surprise.

The ABMA board said: “Mr Soto is an experienced  entrepreneur in the music industry and we believe he can help us drive all the Association’s goals home as well as help our members build important connections to develop their projects.”

Soto has assured that the first order of business will be to set up the Association’s network and increasing public understanding of what the blockchain technologies can bring to the table for artists and music business professionals, particularly around the current economic landscape of this industry.

Soto says: “I am excited to join the Association. The board has great initiatives and the bitcoin fever is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what blockchain promises to offer the world. My hope is that we can begin to establish a strong community, offering tools and opening doors for those who have projects and need some support.  This position gives me the chance to focus on innovative ways to disrupt and potentially change the music  business landscape globally. I’m very excited indeed.”

In this context, the appointment of the directorship was an important step towards the development of new opportunities for businesses utilising the blockchain platforms in the Australasian territories.

The ABMA was officially founded in December 2017.